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Press Release

AUEC Opens Today, Obtaining Investment from Shangya Global Ecological Foundation

SYDNEY, June 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — On June 21, 2018, Eastern Australian time, the opening ceremony of the Australian Equity Exchange Center (‘AUEC’) was held in the New South Wales Government House in Australia. During the meeting, the AUEC CEO Eaton Douglas John officially announces the news that the AUEC has been launched legally and formally, and also announces that the homepage has gone live and time schedule of pre-registration.

According to Eaton Douglas John, AUEC was registered in New South Wales in August 2017. After eight months of internal development, the AUEC trading system was officially tested and launched. Australian Equity Exchange Center AUEC is a professional digital asset trading platform for global users. AUEC focuses on providing safe, convenient and comfortable digital asset trading services to its users. Now, AUEC provides digital asset trading and related services within the scope of the laws and regulations of New South Wales, meanwhile applying to AUSTRAC for a legal digital asset trading license.

AUEC has established a set of scientifically sound trading mechanism, and at the same time it has also built a stable and efficient trading system with cutting edge technologies. Its matchmaking system, hot and cold wallet system, counter system, clearing system, and global customer identification and anti-money laundering system are all at the leading edge of exchange technology, AUEC has also built a team of experts which has sound experience in traditional finance, cryptography, internet finance, blockchain technology, AI, marketing. The team focuses on providing a stable and efficient exchange platform for digital assets investors.

It’s worth mentioning that the AUEC has also obtained the investment from the ‘Shangya Global Ecological Foundation’. According to Mr. Zhang Li, Chairman of the Shangya Foundation, the investment in AUEC is based on consideration of the important strategic layout of the globalization of the Shangya Group. Australia, as a representative of Oceania and an important member of the developed countries, has a solid financial foundation. Shangya Group considers Australia as an important stop for globalization. Starting from Australia, Shangya Group accelerates the strategic layout of globalization. AUEC will insist users’ interests as its first priority, meanwhile adhering to the spirit of openness, freedom, and sharing of internet, will also provide its users in Australia and other regions with efficient, safe and convenient, comprehensive digital assets services.

The Shangya Global Ecological Foundation was established in June 2018. The fund is based on the Shangya Token SY and intends to build a healthy blockchain ecosystem. It aims to help the innovation of blockchain technology through three areas such as accelerating development of blockchain industry, enhancing user experience, and sharing ecological resources of Shangya with it. The scope of its cooperation includes three aspects, the capital, the asset, and the platform.

AUEC is Shangya Group’s second strategic investment digital asset trading platform overseas. During the cooperation, not only will Shangya Group share its experience in technology, product development and operation with AUEC, but also provide capital investment to help AUEC become the best digital assets trading platform in Australia. As it is understood today, Shangya has already deployed in many countries worldwide, and the follow-up will accelerate the pace of global strategic cooperation.

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SOURCE Australian Equity Exchange Center

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