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Madhumita Ghosh – Finacial Advisor & Member of Arunima

Interview with Madhumita Ghosh – Finacial Advisor & Member of Arunima

Q: What inspired you to start your own business?

A: I had worked for 25 years in the corporate in senior positions last being Senior Vice president at Unicon Securities in the financial services sector. I realized I have achieved recognition, fame, popularity (as I was in both visual and print media). Being Head of research had spent long hours in the office. I had been in part-time business since 2004 with Amway, questnet and insurance agency and was pretty successful in my endeavor. Now I wanted to work for myself full time at my own pace and in my own way and follow my passion for training and advising in financial services.

Q: What hurdles came across in beginning?

A: As usual a big pay packet replaced by an uncertain income at times brought in negativity at times. Content and execution was not a problem but getting business especially in financial services from or through relatives and close friends was very difficult. I decided to be a visiting professor at reputed colleges like NMIMS and others and started corporate training simultaneously. I faced challenges in teaching students. My son was giving his class 12 and needed more of my time. So I did start the business but at a slow pace. Age has an advantage and disadvantage in my field. I travel to Ghansoli, Ambernath, and interiors where people seek my training compared to clients who are on the city periphery. My roadmap is very clear and I am very positive.

Q: What is Your Struggle Story?

A: It starts with my completing MBA and then both married life and career starting simultaneously. On the top of it getting a job in Mumbai when I was in the family way. Taking up the job in Mumbai in UTI and leaving behind the family including 6 months old son in Kolkata. There was a lot of resistance from extended family members but I  moved ahead. There was a struggle throughout my career as I was in a responsible position and had two kids to look after. In my job as a Compliance Officer, I was liaising with US entities and traveled from Malad to World trade center daily. I was back home pretty late. In addition to it, my husband was working for an advertising agency and his schedules were hectic. So giving time to kids was a big issue. On top of it for two to three years in 2004-2007, I single handily managed everything as my husband was posted in Bangladesh. I got better opportunities but could not take up a new job. However, I started training side by side and got associated with multi-level marketing company where I was successful. This gave me a lot of confidence. Commitment and communication was always my plus point. All the three Cs created a platform for me to start on my own.

Q: What is your business into?

A: We are into financial training and advisory. I provide training on various financial modules debt equity derivatives and financial planning to corporates and also help retail clients to take a scientific and systematic investment decision.

Q: How would you like to help your fellow members / or contribute towards society?

A: I feel there are many women who do have products, caliber but they do not know how to showcase their potential. I would like to train them how to protect what they are earning and how to create a passive income by channelizing the income into proper channels. I suggest women should not only be financially independent but financially free i.e rich enough to have no worries, all financial goals are achieved or will be achieved.

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