Exclusive Interview of Avinash Mishra

The fame, the popularity, the applaud which actors get was so exciting that it inspired me for becoming an actor. I always wished to enjoy that fame, live that fame, said Avinash.

Avinash is one of the most popular faces among youth. Besides his chocolaty image, he is popular for his ad-films like Arena Multimedia, Sikkim-Manipal University, Hypercity etc. But he became a heartthrob as Baajirao in Zee TVs popular soap ‘Sethji’. Here’s a short interview of our chocolaty Baaji.

  1. Avinash, have you always wished to become an actor?
  • Becoming an actor was my childhood dream. I did my schooling from Holy Cross School in Raipur. During school also, I used to participate in acting, dance and get lots of appreciation and admiration from my teachers, principal, students. I enjoyed that appreciation and always desired to get fame. So, after completing 12th, I decided to become an actor.
    The fame, the popularity, the applaud which actors get was so exiting that it inspired me for becoming an actor. I always wished to enjoy that fame, live that fame. I wished to see myself on screen, people applauding me and appreciating me.
  1. Who was your inspiration for becoming an ideal actor?
  • My inspirations were Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan.
    Akshay Kumar because I love his way of living life. Even at the age of 50 he stays fit. He has a very good balance between his professional and personal life.
    And Salman Khan because of his aura, his off-screen image is too good, he is so humane and kind. These two are my inspirations.
  1. What’s your struggle story for becoming an actor?
  • Well, I came to Mumbai on 17th June, 2016 and on the very first day, I went for an audition. Luckily I cracked it. It was my first advertisement for Arena Animation.
    After that, I did a TV ad for Sikkim-Manipal University, and then I did a hypercity print shoot.
    About a month after that, I went for Sethji auditions. I wasn’t sure whether I would be appropriate for even auditions or not but luckily I gave my audition, I also gave re-audition after few days. I was rejected several times by production house and channel. Finally, I was selected for the role of Baajirao just two days before the shoot started.
  1. What are your future plans?
  • I am looking forward to do some good shows with lead role. Right now, I am not prepared for movies. Before stepping into Bollywood, I want to groom myself and my acting skills.
  1. What’s the biggest challenge about playing the character of Baajirao?
  • The biggest challenge for me playing this role is pure Hindi pronunciation. Because Baajirao doesn’t know English so I have to take care of my tone and accent that it should not reflect English in any way. And in fact, it has to reflect the image of a village boy.
    Besides this, body language is another challenge, like Baajirao is a Kushti - wala Desi Pehelwan (Body builder) and not a Gym- going guy.
    Portraying the role of a village boy who doesn’t even know mobiles, laptops anything. Reacting to those things as if a child gets to see something for the first time and he’s amazed or scared.
    So the transformation from being a shaheri (Urban) guy to a village guy that was the most difficult part for me.
  1. How comfortable do you feel doing romance on screen?
  • I think that romance can be done anywhere and anytime. It’s not important whether you have a girlfriend or not. Me and Ruaman, we have to play several romantic scenes as Baaji-Pragati and there’s a lovely song there “Tere naam naam sab kar diya”. So, to ignite that romance, we did a lot of homework during our workshops. Most of the times, we were not directed for doing the romantic scenes, we have to initiate that on our own.
    In starting we were not even comfortable holding each other’s hands, so we did a lot of home work, we used to play a romantic song and do eye-contact, hold each other’s hands, we tried to dance few times so that we can create a good on-screen chemistry. We started spending some time together for getting more comfortable and more friendly while shooting those kinds of scenes.
    Ultimately, we are happy that people love our chemistry with the song “Tere naam naam sab kar diya”.
    Besides romance, we also have Bromance (Bhai Wala romance) as part of our show, where we fight, we care for each other. Love and chemistry between Sethji and me as mother and son is also being loved by people.
    Fortunately, romance and chemistry of Baaji with his mom, his brother and Pragati is very much appraised and liked by viewers.
  1. Your message for your fans.
  • Stay fit, stay healthy, don’t get inspired with steroids etc. Got many messages on instagram so I am repeating this. I haven’t consumed any steroids, please don’t take them.

Don’t get exploited by Shehri (materialistic) things. The way Baaji is in Sethji, who loves his mom unconditionally and values his roots. Don’t forget your values, your roots, don’t compromise with your morale. Keep loving your family, keep loving your values.

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