Exclusive Interview of Maanvi Gagroo from the CinePlay "Guy in the Sky"

Maanvi Gagroo, our own Chanchal from TVF's most popular show Triplings now comes in a new CinePlay on Hotstar

Hotstar Originals presents Hindi CinePlay, “Guy in the Sky” starring Maanvi Gagroo, Tannishtha Chatterjee, and Sunny Hinduja. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Bikas Mishra and released on 13th June.

1.    Please explain what the Cineplay “Guy in the Sky” is all about?

So the Cineplay is called 'Guy in the sky'. It is adapted from a Kannada play by Chandrasekar Kambar, titled 'Scapegoat' (English title).

It is a satire/ farce which revolve around the lives of a pretentiously happy couple and a vengeful assassin in today’s time. The up’s and downs in the story slowly start to filter out the reality of each character while they find themselves battling chaos of an unexpected situation and conflict between their political views.

2.    What is your role in “Guy in the Sky”?

I play a part called Mahek. She's your typical privileged individual. She's born in a well to do urban family with access to the best schools and colleges and has now quit her job to become an activist. All this because she had the luxury to do so. This makes her extremely self-assured but not necessarily self-aware. She has never faced any real problems and even when she did, they were taken care of, FOR her, by other people.


3.    Were you able to relate to your character? 

In many ways, yes. We are a generation of social media revolutionaries so that emotion came naturally but there's a part of her that's dissimilar. She quits her job to become an activist. That is something that requires a lot of courage and I don't think I'm that brave. Although when you see the play you'll know how and where she gets her fearlessness from.


4.    What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role?

The life threatening situation she finds herself in. I had no personal experience to draw from so that was a bit harder for me than the other scenes.


5.    Who is your target audience for this CinePlay that are going to love this play?

Theatre lovers in general. People who enjoy reading/watching a good play but are unable to make the time or don't know where to look. Although most people would enjoy the play, this is our target audience. 


6.    What’s challenging about bringing this script to life?

The challenging part in any script is to be able to meet the writer/director's vision. You have to bring to life the character they've created and play the part they've visualized.


7.     Where do you see yourself vis are vis your competition?

What competition? Haha Just kidding. I try not to compare myself with anybody. That's never proven helpful! I'm doing my job and I wanna do that well.


8.    Which are your upcoming projects?

So I have Guy in the sky coming up. I've shot for 2 short films and am in talks for a film but more on that later...

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