Exclusive Interview of Prachi Thakker aka ‘Devi’ from Sethji

Author: Pooja Pandey
| Updated: 2017-06-19 13:42:25

Prachi Thakker needs no introduction. Our own Devi from Zee TV’s most popular soap - Sethji is ruling hearts with her own desi style swag. Here’s a short interview of Prachi where you can meet the real life Devi who’s actually very positive on contrary to her role as Devi. 

  1. This is the first time you are playing as an antagonist. So how difficult did you find this role initially when it was offered to you?
  • I wouldn’t call it difficult because I am basically an actor with comedy background as I have already played a character in Zee TV’s “Neeli Chatri Wale” which was completely comedy show. So yes, Devi is an antagonist, but her role is not typical kind of vamp. It’s sort of grey shade with a funny touch to it. So basically it’s an amalgamation of comedy as well as negative.

I thought it would be tough initially because playing a lead role is not very easy at the same time a grey shade. So initially I was a little nervous but then it came out to be very natural, fortunately. 

2. What’s the biggest challenge about playing the character of Devi?

  • Yes, it’s quite challenging as the roles I have done in past like in Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Havan, Tu Kahe Agar, Neeli Chatri Wale all of them have been very very positive. So playing a negative character and moreover your audiences acceptance for the same is really challenging. But its lot of fun to do this role. 
  1. What made you select this kind of negative role?
  • When channel approached me for this character I was not very keen to do this but when the character was narrated to me, I was so impressed by it that I really want to give it a chance.

It’s actually very justified kind of negative role where Devi is shown in the grey shade due to some grudges because of what happened with her in past. 

  1. Your viewers love you being singing the song “Sethji banungi mein”. How do you feel about it?
  • (Happily smiling) This song has become so popular. I am amazed and feel so fortunate knowing that people actually liked me singing this song and saying “Devi bolegi to sach hi bolegi”. 
  1. You are the one who is making the episode a little lighter by your funny tricks and your popular song. What are your views on this?
  • There is, infact more fun now after 47th episode. In upcoming episodes from 50 to 100 it’s completely played on me and it’s more of comedy and fun. 
  1. We came to know that you are being offered web series and movies. So are you looking forward to it?
  • As of now, I have been offered a Marathi film and a Gujarati film but the problem is that they require a chunk of dates like a month schedule in Kolhapur or 20 days schedule in Bhuj which becomes very difficult for a TV actor.

But yes, if somebody is ready to split up my dates and an interesting script is being offered I would definitely like to take it. 

  1. Are you able to give time to your family?
  • Little difficult, but yes I am a very family person and I believe that my family is my backbone. Today for all the work I do, if I don’t get applause from my family it’s of no value to me.

My son is my biggest supporter and even my biggest critic. We share a very open kind of, a very healthy kind of relationship, you can say kind of friendship where he even tells me, “Mumma this act of yours is not good, please change it” and I really love that because that’s a very healthy way of discussing.

I see to it that I give him all the time that he needs and I have been very lucky that my producers, my co-actors and Sethji team are always very supportive. Even during his exams, he studies in my make-up room. My actors, my hairdresser, my make-up artist all being so helpful that they literally support me during his exams. So that way I’m very lucky.

My family life is very important for me but yes my son is my backbone, his place is most important to me than anything in this world. 

  1. Any message for your fans.
  • Stay true to your family. Love them selflessly because they are your backbone. Value them, value their sacrifices and God will support you.

And thank you so much for loving me and appreciating me and accepting me in your day to day life.