India - Country of Celebrations

Author: Divyam Vaid
| Updated: 2017-08-13 11:07:16 | 13411

As arriving monsoon is getting months of celebrations along with it, many people including me are waiting for various festivals.

India is also called as a country with unity in diversity because of different religions and various cultures staying together under all adverse circumstances. As an Indian, I sometimes feel overwhelmed thinking about the ways we celebrate our festivals.

Not only at our homes but celebration mode is also seen during festivals in schools, colleges and work places too. Festival may be Holi, Dushera, Eid, Christmas, Pateti, Navratri, Onam or Deepawali. During most of these festivals markets are decorated with colourful lights & flowers. Theme decorations and theme parties are organized in schools, colleges and offices with everyone participating actively and enjoying despite knowing the actual reason for celebrating them.

We Indians not only love to celebrate our festivals which include celebrating in our ritualistic way but festivals are more happening because of the different ways in which they are celebrated. Be it decorating and lightening of lamps during Diwali or breaking roza after 40 days of fasting in a grand way, playing with colours and water in Holi or decorating and Santa gifting in Christmas, dancing in Baisakhi and many more...

Despite differences and disputes sometimes, we INDIANS don’t leave any opportunity to celebrate any festival and eating lots of sweets.