Top Trending English Phrases Common Among Youngsters

| Updated: 2016-06-01 18:33:15

The English language is standard official language and accepted all across the world. This language gives freedom to travel world without any difficulty whatsoever. The interesting part is that the every nation which understands and speaks English has its own set of local slangs or for that matter local phrases and which is frequently used by the people in their day to day conversation conversations.

The trending phrases are something which is used so often that these are used to show off reactions. There are ample English phrases which are used by the people all over the world but following are list of top trending English phrases common among youngsters these days:

  1. Instant Gratification” – to get a quick satisfaction out of something or the other.
  2. Give me a break” – much needed break required out of something occurring or happening.
  3. To hell with your order” – to revolt to someone for his or her autocratic or dominating attitude.
  4. Life sucks” – someone who is fed up with life due to things not going his her way or things are not falling into places.
  5. Complete mess-up” – things are hay wire due to poor planning and no strategy whatsoever.
  6. Oh yeah now I get It” – to respond to someone or the other stating that I have understood your idea.
  7. Quick bite” – to have something to eat or do something that to on a very short span of time.
  8. Get lost” – to respond to someone stating to get away from the visibility.
  9. Fucked-up” – shattered by some sort of accidents.
  10. Bull shit” – Useless thing or good for nothing stuffs.

These day people try to show-off everything in all walks of life be it style or dressing sense or ways of communicating. These showoff attitudes are specially seen or observed among youngsters. They use only trendy thing in their daily life. They do not leave the chance to even speak or utter something that to in a trendy manner by using trendy English phrases. These trendy English phrases go with their self image and it enhances the style quotient of that individual that to a great extent and which they care about it very much and take it very seriously. They leave no stone unturned to maintain that stylish image. These youngsters are either college going students or young professional in their early phase of their career.

So guys, using the trendy English phrases might appeal to you stylish and trendy but it does not have much of future as it will surely needs to be left when you enter into the serious professional world where these high flying trendy thing have no place whatsoever.