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10 Big Wins for The Quint at Adobe Vdonxt Awards 2019

MUMBAI, January 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ —

Bloomberg|Quint WhatsApp service has over 3.5 lac subscribers 

The Quint has won 4 golds, 6 bronze awards at the Adobe Vdonxt Awards 2019, India’s largest convention for those who live by the promise of digital video, in Mumbai. It’s a high after The Quint‘s big wins at the recent South Asian Digital Media Awards 2018 by WAN-IFRA as well as the second Digipub World Awards in September.

Here are the awards The Quint has successfully won tonight:

1. Bronze – Animation category: Any form of animation video that has been released first online. Only one video per entry may be submitted. It may or may not be brand related.

If I Could Turn Back Time Ft. Akhlaq, Junaid and Pehlu Khan

2. Gold – Documentary category: A factual video report that looks at a subject in a fresh way. It must be an online-first video. Only one video per entry may be submitted. It may or may not be brand related.

Generation 1984: Living With the Horrors of the Anti-Sikh Riots

Mewat’s Meo Muslims Turn the Scars of Lynching into Haunting Songs


‘Don’t Be a Drag, Just Be a Queen’: The Indian Drag Scene Is Here

Two Years Later, Chhoti Nirbhaya Is Fearless But Still Haunted

Born a Boy, Now a Woman: Stories of Sex Reassignment Surgery

3. Bronze – Lifestyle category: An online video that captures ‘lifestyle’ subjects – be it fashion, travel, health or any other. Only one video per entry may be submitted. It may or may not be brand related.

My Sleep Diary: How I Trained Myself to Go to Bed on Time

4. Gold – News & Features category: The use of online-first video to report on a news event or a news feature in an absorbing way. Only one video per entry. It may or may not be brand related.

The Badass Women Photojournalists of Kashmir This Festive Season, Watch Women Beat Stereotypes

This Festive Season, Watch Women Beat Stereotypes


Bollywood Backstage: A Glimpse Into Bollywood’s Paparazzi Culture

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The Quint is the fastest growing digital news platform in the world’s fastest growing economy. Mobile-first and highly interactive, The Quint brings a distinctive combination of compelling, credible journalism blended with innovative, visual storytelling formats. The Quint delivers incisive takes on topics ranging from politics, gender, policy, entertainment and sports to wellness and web culture. In a short span of just three years, The Quint now clocks upwards of 75 Mn page views and over 18 Mn unique visitors every month, along with 100 Mn video views, and 6.2 Mn fans on Facebook. Quint Hindi serves the swiftly growing demographic of local language speakers in India through a dedicated newsroom. The Quint’s unique combination of unbiased journalism and innovative multimedia formats has won numerous awards, the most recent of which include four awards at WAN-IFRA India 2018 and ten awards at Vdonxt Asia 2019.

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Brinda Mehta
Asst Manager, Communicate India

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