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Press Release

A Comic Content Platform, CFUNWORLD, Showcases at the 3rd Blockchain Connect Conference

TOKYO, Jan. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — On January 11, 2019 CFUNWORLD was invited to participate in the 2019 Blockchain Connect Conference in Los Angeles to discuss opportunities in blockchain technology with prominent, industry experts from across the world. Dennis Jia, the Founder and CEO of CFUNWORLD, delivered a thought-provoking address titled “a Bridge to the Blue Ocean, Modernizing the Comics Industry”. At the conference, CFUNWORLD also won the “2019 Pioneering Enterprise” award for its creative and flexible business model.

Blockchain Connect Conference is a bi-annual cross-border tech summit that brings together top crypto power from all around the world. More than 50 experts and professors participated in the 2019 Blockchain Connect Conference, including leading blockchain industry figures such as Vitalik Buterin, Founder of Ethereum.

Modernizing the comic industry with blockchain technology

As the first company in the world to apply blockchain technology to the comic industry, CFUNWORLD has observed many problems that have previously plagued the comic industry during its booming development. Challenges to the comic industry include: copyright issues, transnational language issues and the fight for survival for budding comic creators or newcomers to the industry, among others. Therefore, CFUNWORLD has created a new world for the comic industry using blockchain technology.

CFUNWORLD uses specialized encryption algorithms based on blockchain technology to generate digital fingerprints for all uploaded works, ensuring the legitimate copyright and non-tampering of each work listed on the platform. In addition, CFUNWORLD uses Smart Contracts to establish a new trust system between comic creators, translators, readers, and other contributors, all of whom can be linked through Smart Contracts to become the collaborative creators of a work. This solves the challenge of language barriers and the problems associated with cross-border reading of comic works. Collaborative creators can earn considerable income as, by using Smart Contracts, there is no need for the traditional use of intermediaries. Furthermore, the CFUNWORLD platform supports payment in digital currency, avoiding the uncertainty of cross-border transactions with direct point-to-point payment whilst effectively protecting user privacy.

This has helped CFUNWORLD on its progression to become a platform with a huge collection of high definition comic works at optimal prices.

Dialogue with different industries throughout the comic world

CFUNWORLD has cooperated with renowned South Korean comic companies, TORYCOMS and Cream Media, to attract more than 200 cartoonists to the CFUNWORLD platform and gradually launch more than 2,000 comic works. At the same time, CFUNWORLD has also entered the entertainment industry, reaching cooperation with nearly 30 stars to create unique comic images and serial comics for them. The stars attract nearly 100 million fans to the platform.

As a content hosting platform, CFUNWORLD owns the right of use for the IP of all its original comics and stars comics. This provides CFUNWORLD with potential opportunities to use these comics in collaboration on projects with different industries such as gaming, film-television and souvenir manufacturing.


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