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Ajay Nair- Founder of Fresh Mind Ideas.

Ajay nair

Interview with Ajay Nair – Founder & CEO of Fresh Mind Ideas

Q. Please introduce yourself in brief.
A. Myself Ajay S Nair, a native of God’s own country, Kerala, 29 years old. I am proud to call myself an entrepreneur and my enterprise strives to help various brands carve unique niches in the market scenario. Since my school years, I got inspired by the countless possibilities of the digital sector. I have been crafting websites ever since high school.
Hence, my expertise is something from natural instincts.  In my native place, I had helped many small-time businesses use the perks of the digital world. During those days, Orkut was a fervent craze among the youth. I got many interesting projects through the site. Trust me, I started my career before graduating. I strongly affirm that entrepreneurship is in my blood. I was born to be an entrepreneur. Joseph Campbell once remarked, “A hero is someone who has given his or life to something bigger than oneself”.
My hero in life Steve is Jobs who possess numerous traits such as perseverance, tenacity, and bravery. I particularly value Jobs’ innate ability to focus on his organizational goals and change them to high driven results. I deeply revere this caliber of Jobs and tries to embrace it in my professional front. 

Q. What is your start-up story. 
A. Entrepreneurship, as exciting as it sounds, is not immune to challenges. The dynamics of business gets altered every now and then, and we need to equip our business to brave those challenges meticulously. Hence, being an entrepreneur is a painstaking process that requires the combined abilities of cognitive thinking and creativity. I have often heard friends remark, “You are so lucky!”. I believe luck plays no part in crafting a successful entrepreneur. It is a rat race where you need to invest your time, money, passion, and creativity and chase it until it becomes an obsession.

I commenced Fresh Mind Ideas on 2011 and christened it officially Fresh Mind Ideas Pvt. Ltd on 2018.  I was passionate and keen on digital marketing from childhood and hence envisioned my company to help businesses with branding, web, and digital marketing. Initially, we had a few small local businesses. However, Fresh Mind Ideas grew at a decent pace and now we proudly cater to the needs of decent customer base including global clients.

Q. What urged me to start Events do?

A. My NRI friend invited me to his sister’s wedding, in 2017. I was perplexed at the disorderliness of the whole event.  Everything was wrong from the start. Right from the event planner to the event photographer, nothing seemed right. I was really sorry for my friend. After some research, I realized that nothing is right in the event planning field of Kerala. Mostly, many amateurs ruined the scene with their inadequate expertise. After enough thinking, I decided to strike up a digital platform where clients can come and choose verified event vendors, just at one click.

These professional event vendors should be able to take care of all aspects of the event and ensure that the function turns put to be a memorable one. Well, that is how was born. Eventsdo is still in its infancy but it has achieved some important milestones within few years of inception. I wanted Eventsdo to be a one stop platform for wedding needs ranging from luxury car rentals to bridal makeover. I wanted the one stop platform to garner enough fans and to be ranked among the best of its kind for our novel servitude.
After our initial success, we started to create a niche in planning other events as well. Currently, we can maneuver all kinds of events, from simple birthday parties to anniversaries and much more.
Recently, our client base expanded to corporate organizations as well. We successfully host corporate events at the ease of a breeze. Increasing clients and commitments demand more intellect and creativity from an entrepreneur.
But I believe that a successful entrepreneur should be pursuing challenges instead of running away from it. Fresh mind ideas have a global client base currently and hence it is a challenge at times to meet the expectations of customers. However, my team of experts is ready to lend in their mastery and craft to meet client expectations. I am deeply indebted to my team for helping me turn my dream to reality.

Q. What is your business into?
. Fresh Mind Ideas is a branding agency for entrepreneurs who want their product atop the market ranking. We analyse the creative briefs of clients and convert them to successful logos and brand identities. Our team of experts can bring a brand alive online with unique web designs. We have enough testimonials from our international client base to attest our creativity and mastery.
As for eventsdo, we are one of its kind in event planning. With meticulous planning skills and authentic vendors, we can turn our client’s dreams to realities.

Q.What is the other effective way to measure the success of the CEO?
My acronym for CEO is Chief Everything Officer! An entrepreneur should be able to opine all aspects of his enterprise. He is the captain of a big ship and needs to steer it skillfully.
Everyone benchmarks CEOs based on the successful outcomes of their enterprise. Are they right? Well, no. As per my conventions, an enterprise is deemed successful when it can continue to run without a CEO doing all stuff. If an organization achieves this utopian standard, it means that the enterprise can come up with its own solutions at the times of storm.

Q.Your message to the world
My foremost message to all budding entrepreneurs is that they need an army of experts in the battleground of business. The more skilled, the better. As an entrepreneur myself, I believe that each day is a war, both in the ground and in virtual.
And you need to desperately claim the title at the end of the day.
Success can come as a breeze if you have wizards and pundits working for you!!

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