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Does Voice Search is today’s Realization of Modern Technology?

Voice Search

Human civilization cannot progress without technological advancement. Modern technology has become an essential means living in our day and age. In today’s generation and youth you have seen that each and everyone is connected to technology. In this article, you will learn more about technological developments and its various uses. Technology can be the knowledge of techniques and processes that allow the machines to operate. The simplest form of technology is the development and basic tool. Technology has many effects, it helps to develop more advanced in economics and allowed the rise of a leisure know about, which is “SIRI” and “GOOGLE ASSISTANT”. This is the best technology of future which is used in mobile phone. Mobile are the biggest technology came in the world and technology you can’t live without. I-PHONE and ANDROID phones are used too much in this world. And in that, the voice technology is the most important thing which is being built in that. For e.g.- I-PHONE has SIRI as a voice technology and ANDROID has GOOGLE ASSISTANT in that.

Voice Search Revolution
Voice Search Revolution
  • SIRI
    SIRI is a part of I-PHONE technology and it is a part of the APPLE operating system. It’s assistant of voice queries and a natural language of the interface  to make answer any question, make recommendation and set to internet service. SIRI is a spin off project originally developed by the SIRI International Artificial Intelligence Centre. The speech recognition was developed and provided by Nuance Communication. SIRI has advance machine learning technologies to function. The voice assistant SIRI was released for IOS in 4s and it was released on October 2011. Since SIRI has become an integral part of apple product, and have been adapted into other hardware devices. And now SIRI has been include in new I-PHONE models and in other devices like I-PAD, I-POD TOUCH, MAC, AIR PODS, APPLE TV and HOME POD.

    Voice search revolution
    Voice search revolution
    Google Assistant is a part of Artificial Intelligence powered and developed by google that is being primarily available on mobiles and smart home devices. And after a period of exclusivity on the pixel and pixel xl on the smartphone. And it has been developed on the other android devices in February 2017. In 2017, google assistant was installed on more than 400 million devices. And google assistant was unveiled during google developer conference on 18th May 2016, as an apart of google home smart speaker and a new message. Google has announced that has begun to enable access assistant on android smartphones running Android Marshmallow or Nougat in android 2.0. And in October 2017 the google pixel book become the first laptop with google assistant. And then after google assistant came into google pixel buds. And google assistant released phones running Android Lollipop through google play service and tablet running 6.0 marshmallow and 7.0 nougat.

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