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Dr. Snehal Adsule – Founder & director of Well woman Weight loss & Wellness Clinic

Dr. Snehal Adsule

Interview with Dr Snehal Adsule – Founder & director of Well woman Weight loss & Wellness Clinic

Q.Please introduce yourself in brief.
A. I am 25, homoeopathic physician, nutritionist and certified counsellor. I am a dreamer, highly optimistic, love to explore new things and believe in making permanent relations!

Q.What is your start-up story.
A. Before 4 & half years I lost my AAI (my aunt who was no less than my mother) due to Cancer. How? Why? We had no answers. No one has. She was a working woman. 30 years she alone successfully handled her job, her kids, family relationships. Everything, except her own health. But isn’t every woman around us the same???
Unhealthy lifestyle, ignorance of health & stress are the main things that lead to 68% disorders of a woman.

I still feel if we could have motivated her to take care of her own self, she might have lived longer. After that incidence, I met hundreds of woman who are suffering from some of the other problems, and the reason is still similar. Unhealthy lifestyle & stress. I myself was the victim of obesity, eating disorder & PCOD. The reason was Same.

Bcz of this I was naturally inclined towards women problems & motivated myself in all these years to do something about this.
I have done multiple jobs, did a lot of research,  and when I was ready I just took the risk and started.
Building the business was not easy, especially in this competitive era. I struggled a lot in initial days, first to start the business and then to get even a single client. I had zero business at the start but I never stopped working. I took every opportunity that came along & got my first client from Jammu. Since then there is no looking back and now we have a client in every corner of the world. I believe if you are passionate and have good intentions you will always find your way.

Q. Brief info about business.
A. While losing weight is tough for anyone, there are several factors that can make it extra challenging for women. We have our specialized Women diet program at Wellwoman which is designed by keeping their metabolism & Nutritional requirements in mind to give them desire result of weight loss without compromising on taste. The best thing about us is Easy to Follow Indian diet plans and constant support and motivation. I love all my clients & I feel proud to say that we do not have even single negative feedback yet & that’s what keeps me going.

Q.What you will suggest today’s generation to stay healthy and fit?
A. The percentage of young people eating unhealthy food has risen by 35% and overall obesity by 44%. So, it is incredibly important to follow a healthy and nutritious diet and be a healthy weight. Your weight loss journey should be more than just losing weight, its about gaining a fuller life.

  • Do not fall for fad/starving diets.
  • Do not take any medicines/powders to lose weight. Remember food is the best medicine.
  • Eat more at home and less in restaurants.
  • Drink more water & less sugar, salt.
  • Most importantly Love yourself & respect your body.

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