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Press Release

Highlight the Moment With Streax’ New Ultralights Coffee Collection

Business Wire India

Streax Ultralights Coffee Collection: Mocha, Hazel & Cappuccino
Streax Ultralights Coffee Collection: Mocha, Hazel & Cappuccino

Whether it’s your best friend’s wedding, a job interview, your first day at college or a class reunion party, we all want to look good and make a striking impression. Going in for hair highlights is a great way to make that impression. A few highlights added to your hair can completely transform your look and now leading hair colour brand, Streax from Hygienic Research Institute has launched their Streax Ultralights Coffee Collection to make highlighting your hair a super easy process. With their new Ultralights Highlighting Kit, all of us can make that big change to our appearance by brushing in rich, vibrant brown highlights giving us that oh-so fabulous new look to stand out in a crowd!
The Ultralights Coffee Collection comes in three rich shades of brown: Mocha, Hazel and Cappuccino. Each shade, different versions of brown, are perfectly suited for the Indian skin tone. Choose to highlight few strands around your face or just opt to do your hair ends; the process is extremely quick and convenient to do right from the comfort of your home, so no more stress of matching your schedule to that of the salon.
Highlights can accentuate eye color, bring out cheek bones, and even slim faces. They show off the lines of your hair cut, create depth and the illusion of fullness. They are a great introduction to your hair colour, ideal for those who want to make an appearance with a brand new look. 
As Streax Brand Ambassador Sonakshi Sinha further adds, “Hair colour highlights is such an exciting way to go in for a new look. Be it the first day at work or a date night, or twinning with you BFF, if you want to make an impression simply brush in a few highlights and welcome the new look. Streax Ultralights Coffee Collection is sure to be a big hit with today’s millennial girl who intends to stand out in the crowd!”
Let the luscious flair of each of these stunning shades accentuate your look, as you celebrate different moments in your life.
Streax Ultralights Coffee Collection is available across cosmetic stores & ecommerce portals such as Amazon, Flipkart etc. at a retail price of Rs. 160
To know more about Streax, please visit or connect at our Facebook & Instagram handles @StreaxIndiaAbout Hygienic Research Institute
Established in 1957, Hygienic Research Institute (HRI) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and one of the fastest growing cosmetic companies in India. Best suited for Indian consumers, every beauty product of HRI is prepared with the help of cutting-edge technology. All the products are manufactured, tested and approved by quality assurance as per Indian BIS specifications and adhere to the stringent international norms of countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

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