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Smruti Panchal – Mrs. India Earth 2017

Smruti Panchal was 1st runner-up of Mrs India Earth 2017 and winner of numerous other titles in various beauty contests. Smruti is also the founder and active partner of SS Associates where she inspires and mentors many youngsters in the field of fashion.

Smruti Panchal has expertise in Vastushastra & Fengshui for which she founded a firm known as SmrutiFengshui. She is awarded numerous times for her excellence in Fengshui and Vastu including Maharashtra Gaurav Pooraskar in 2004.

She believes that any dream can be achieved with due determination, confidence in our self-energy and knowledge. Smruti likes to work for Women Empowerment and she is mostly involved in events related to women empowerment.

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