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Press Release

Metrasens Instigates a Patent Infringement Action in China Against Nanjing Cloud Magnet Electronic Technology Limited

MALVERN, England, Jan. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Metrasens, a global leader of MRI Safety solutions for healthcare facilities announces today that it has commenced a patent infringement action in the Chinese courts against Nanjing Cloud Magnet Electronic Technology Limited.

Metrasens is a provider of advanced magnetic detection technological solutions. Founded in the UK, Metrasens has become a global industry leader in the provision of patient safety solutions to MRI facilities. Its Ferroguard® products have built a reputation as trustworthy ferromagnetic detection systems (FMDS) and are in use in 36 countries.

Metrasens terminated its distributor agreement in China with Nanjing Haole Technology Co., Ltd (“NH“) when it discovered that NH and its affiliate Nanjing Cloud Magnet Electronic Technology Limited (“Cloud Magnet“) produce and distribute products that directly compete with Ferroguard systems, in violation of the distribution agreement.

Metrasens pays great attentions to intellectual property protection. As early as 2013, it filed an application for a patent for invention with Chinese Patent Office Its patent No. 201380067644.6. entitled “False Alarm Reduction” was granted on December 11, 2018. Some of the designs and technical features of Cloud Magnet’s competing products, in our view, fall within the scope of our patent protection.

We deeply value the Chinese market and our strong relationships with partners. We also have an abiding belief in that the protection of our intellectual property is not only a respect for the China’s legal system, but also our responsibility to the Chinese customers. As such, we instigated a full patent infringement action on December 19, 2018 against NH and Cloud Magnet in the IP Division of Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court based on the aforementioned patent, in respect of NH and Cloud Magnet’s ferromagnetic detection products: Cloud Magnet Scanner II, and Cloud Magnet Scanner II Plus (Case Re: (2018) Su 01 Min Chu No. 2509 ((2018) 01 3509)). We value our intellectual property rights and will continue to take all necessary legal and commercial steps against NH and Cloud Magnet in China and elsewhere to prevent the manufacture and sale of products that are based on our proprietary technology and/or infringe our patents.

About Metrasens   
Metrasens is the world’s leading provider of advanced magnetic detection technological solutions. Our innovative products are designed to address deficiencies in conventional screening methods, to make us all safer and more secure. Our mission is to take great science from the laboratory and use it to create revolutionary, award-winning products which meet the real needs of our customers. Metrasens’ core technologies have an extremely wide range of potential applications. Innovation is at the core of everything we do – from research and development, through to customer service and training.

Metrasens has grown rapidly to become a dynamic international business, and the acknowledged leader in our chosen markets. Our Technology Center and manufacturing facility are located in the UK, and we have established a global network of distributors. Our developments continue to enable new customers, working in increasingly complex environments, to achieve higher levels of safety and security.

Contact Information:
Name: Colin Robertson
Position: Senior VP, Sales & Marketing
Company: Metrasens Ltd/Metrasens
Tel : +44(0)1684-219000

SOURCE Metrasens Limited

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