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Nandagopal – Founder of Clipartindia


Interview with Nandagopal – Founder & CEO of Clipartindia

Q. Please introduce yourself in brief.
A.I am 25 years age, Graduate in Economics and holder of PG Dip in DM and DA and PG Dip in Journalism. Enroller in Executive Programme of Company Secretary Course – Trivandrum Chapter.My Primary concern is my business activities but active in political and social activities.

Q. What is your start-up story. 
A. During my graduation, I noticed that there are hundreds of high-quality images were used by father and his team as part of textbooks design, development and layout. Almost all pictures are created by talented artists in accordance with the requirements of a particular lesson in a textbook and after its use in textbooks, it became as dead stock. From the interaction with my father’s tea,m I understood that these images have a value if it was properly marketed in digital form. With help of some of the members of my father’s team, the said images changed into vector format like eps and psd and upload in newly developed website viz The website and contents were seriously marketed through digital marketing. The response from people from foreign countries like Canada, Newzeland etc was inspiring me and starts a true business venture. Along with my Digital Marketing and Data Analytics study a detailed market study started and examines the nature of the business strategy of fellow players in the field. From the study, it is understood that competitors are big guns but no agency in the field has exclusive vector images.

 But initial fund mobilization is herculean task since our business idea may not understand the bank people. Our banking system is not compatible for startup eco system. So during 2018 we incubate with Kerala startup mission and try to utilize the facilities available but in practical there are serious hurdles. Everyone wants magic that is within short span of period generate income but not support in initial working capital needs and its mobilization. The business like us the initial working capital requirements is very high since we have to engage number of talented artist and technocrats. Here the support from my family helps me to materialize my business plan. The much-required fund in full may not available from family circle so the growth rate of the company may not be as I was expected in the initial period. But I hope it will be materialized within one year and the business venture will be a commercially viable unit.

Q. What is your Clipart business into?
A. CLIPARTINDIA IMAGES is a global provider of customized, exclusive and original vector images for bedding needs for illustrations and animations. In addition to the normal and exclusive images, we have storyboards, digital paintings, posters, and banners, design elements, Logos, caricatures, greetings.
Enhancing the world of creativity through innovative ideas by engaging digital experience is the vision of my company.  From the market research and study, we are the first one in the field of the exclusive platform of vector images. Almost all providers are concentrated in the contributory platform. The digitalization of all classic paintings and classic photographs in vector formats is also our plan.

Q. What Is The Other Effective Way To Measure Success Of CEO?
A.The effective way to be a successful business man is always optimistic and not allowed you under influence of negative impulses.

Q.Your message to the world.
A. Be optimistic. There is an opportunity reserved for you. You have to find  and utilize it.

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