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Pinky Rajgarhia: A Woman of Substance Wins the Most Prestigious Samaj Ratna Award

Pinky Rajgarhia is a name who needs no introduction. Graduated with Psychology & English, Pinky works as Child Psychologist, Fashion Designer & Social Activist.

She is the holder of several titles like Samaj Ratan Award 2018, Mrs Universe Business Lady 2017, Mrs Asia, She is Asia 2017, Mrs Asia Universe 2017, Mrs Eastern India 2016, Mrs India fitness 2016, Mrs Most Popular Mrs India 2016, Pride of Marwari 2017, Nepal Gaurav 2018, Asian Ambassador of Sports Association of India.

Pinky Prashant Rajgarhia (Mrs. Universe 2017) is now among the most renowned name in society. A multi-talented lady symbolizing culture, values, and humanity regardless of being from glamour industry. She is also a true representation of modern Indian woman highly rooted with traditional values.

It is interesting to know that Pinky is Daughter-in-law of India and daughter of Nepal.

Hailing from a small town Dharan (Nepal), social service was always in her blood. She lovingly calls her parents Maa and Papa who had always taught her to get a good education and then have a voice to help the voiceless. Now, settled in Mumbai for the last 20 years, Pinky Rajgarhia, completed her education from Symbiosis college (Pune).

She’s a true representation of a modern Indian woman with deep-rooted traditional values.

Her childhood was inspired by her holy religious mother Mata Chandrakala Devi and her father Shri Manohar Jindal, she actively started participating in social activities at a very early age. Pinky is very much influenced by the social work of her grandfather Late Shri Ruliramji Rajgarhia.

Pinky considers her family as her backbone and it was her two lovely daughters who filled the Mrs. India form. She then marched ahead with full glory and determination. In the ups and downs of her life, only one thing remained constant, the support of her mother. She feels herself blessed to have Prashant Rajgarhia as her husband who always motivate her.

She encourages this lifestyle to mothers and children in her daily sessions as a psychologist. She quotes, “Anything you put your mind into, you can have it in your life.” As a child psychologist, she also helps the children to cope up with formative pressures at school and in social scenarios.

Her journey to beauty pageants started a year back. From Mrs. India to Mrs. Asia finally, the corridors of Mrs. Universe 2017. She wants to convey,” Beauty pageants are not just about a beautiful face or body, it’s about being a wholesome person. It’s about discovering your inner potential. It’s about standing firmly for what you believe”. Nepal runs in her blood she owes her success to Dharan for making her a true reflection of a mountain girl and Mumbai taught her to live her dreams by making them come true.

She has also worked in several job sectors such as support staff on the travel desk at IITC Pune and marketing director in Jaiambe Overseas Private Limited.

Her work was felicitated by many organizations in Mumbai, namely

  1. Her association with D.G Khetan international School can be traced back from 2006, from the day of its inception. It was a moment of delight when she was felicitated and awarded by the school with the title of “lady of substance”.
  2. Hastakshar – An organization associated with promoting Indian handicrafts awarded her with the title of “Self-made Diva”
  3. It was a moment of bliss and pride when the Honourable Consulate of Luxembourg, M.r Ashok Kadakia, recognised her efforts in promoting Nepal Tourism and felicitated her with the title of “Mr.s Tourism”.
  4. She was elated when she got the opportunity to meet the Honourable Consulate of the Republic of South Africa, Ms. MI Ramokgapa, discussing the education, fashion, culture and the teachings of the legends, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.
  5. Indo-Global summit 2017, witnessed an amalgamation of stalwarts. She was rewarded for her contribution in “child psychology”.
  6. Mrs. Pinky became the Ambassador of Vallabhdas Dagra Institute (VDIS) a school for differently able children.
  7. World Peace and Diplomacy Organisation gave her the privilege to share the panel and sign a peace declaration.
  8. She was deeply touched by the title of “Pride of Marwar” by RVG Educational Foundation, where she interacted with the young girls who come to the city of dreams from small towns of Rajasthan.

Pinky Rajgarhia says, “Marriage is not an end but just a beginning in itself”. She wants more married woman to come forward and she uses social media to keep her audience engaged with tips and guidelines on grooming, diet, motivation and empowerment.

She believes, voicing your opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance. With an initiative to give back to her society, she eventually wants to get into politics to be able to voice her opinions and help for a greater cause.

Pinky Rajgarhia has set her future objectives for working towards social causes like:

  1. Women upliftment & women empowerment
  2. Beti Bachao – Beti Padhao
  3. Women support women
  4. Say no to domestic violence
  5. Self-defense
  6. Sanitation & Health

We need more inspiring women like Pinky Rajgarhia which shows that there a lot to do in life besides living for own, earning lacs and glamorizing. Pinky is one such example who utilized her glamor quotient for the betterment of society and no wonder why she is called as A Woman of Substance.

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