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Press Release

Task Essential announces a new business philosophy, model and pricing strategy

NEW YORK, Sept. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Task Essential Swiss Skincare: “We don’t promise miracles, but… we do promise uncompromised quality.”

TASK has spent the last few years building its reputation by bringing to its customers and the market consistently high quality unisex products, containing ultra-high quality rare ingredients, such as red snow algae. Red snow algae, costing upward of $7000 per kilo (~$3,500/lbs) is a revolutionary active ingredient, that has the ability to restart the collagen production in the skin and as such, rapidly increase the hydration and smoothness of the skin (Click here for article).

TASK recognizes where the digital retail marketplace is headed and believes that the retail world is no longer controlled by the traditional retailers who with the large scale manufacturers have squeezed the life out of independent brands and unprecedented profits out of the consumer. TASK views the consumer, in the digital era, as the creative force guiding its brand strategy and as the retailer. Therefore, TASK is lowering its prices without touching the quality of its products, to reflect this new dynamic. This change in pricing and mindset is long overdue in the retail world especially in the skincare category. TASK thanks all of their customers who have been loyal to their products and it’s brand code of efficacy. TASK looks forward to providing the consumer with the highest level of skincare solutions that they have come to expect, except now at a price that is realistic and that they deserve.

Media Contact:
Markos Drakotos
Tel: 212-567-2211

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