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Bombairiya Movie Review : A crazy Heartwarming and Entertaining Homage To Mumbai

Depicting a tale of chaos with a plethora of characters, sub-plots, and situations, is tricky and heaven for every filmmaker, the debutante filmmaker Pia Sukanya’s effort is gallant and brave but fails to deliver. The film has an incredibly talented ensemble and a good narrative but it is so all over the place that you just cannot connect the dots.

The film aims to capture the chaos, fast-paced and intricate lives of people living in metros, here in the film it is Bombay.

Meghna Shergill a PR professional handling the work of Superstar Karan Kapoor is having a not a good day, which begins with her unsuccessfully trying to burn his standee. Things get even worse when embroiled in a road accident, one of the aggrieved parties, a delivery boy, steals her phone and speeds away.

Adil Hussain a politician Pandya, in jail, is trying to robot control an underground encounter specialist police officer Da’ Mello and making him unearth a star witness, who could jeopardize his chance of ever being let out of prison.

With a borrowed phone from a passerby Pintu (Akshay Oberoi), trying to help Meghna, she gets further entrapped in a series of untoward events and people, all of which are inadvertently related.

The first half is mostly establishment of characters and actual plot of the film, which is dragging and baffling. The second half definitely answers some of the questions, but in the meantime, you lose interest. The film does have some exciting and comic moments loaded with complex but tricky situations and amazing dialogues.

On the performance, the film only belongs to Radhika Apte, who carries the film on her shoulders and delivers Meghna, with confidence. The weak script plot don’t help her though.

Adil Hussain as the corrupt Politician Pandya, Akshay Oberoi the fantasy world kid, Siddhanth Kapoor as the delivery boy, Ravi Kishen and Shilpa Shukla as his politician wife, are mostly stereotyped and wasted in the film.

The screwball comedy messes with you and that the end of it!.

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