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I Am Angst About Certain Things, And I Will Express It, Says Ranveer Singh

Bollywood Actor Ranveer Singh says that he is happy and joyous about life but there are certain things he is angry about and when the time is right, he will express it with a beat as some people had it coming.

Ranveer Singh has teamed up with music evangelist and filmmaker Navzar Eranee for their passion project — an independent music record label named IncInk. He has collaborated with rappers Kaam Bhaari, Slow Cheeta and Spitfire for the music venture.

Talking to the media about his future singing plans on the sidelines of the IncInk press junket, Ranveer Singh said, “At the moment I am endorsing these sparkling new talents. I really feel that they are extremely talented and they need to be heard. I want people to hear their music; I want people to hear this music. For the moment I am doing this and I am also working on my cricket movie. So it’s all work in progress”.

“I do have something to say though, I have a lot more to say, I have a lot that I’ve pent up that I want to express, that I want to let out, all great things are happening and I am very grateful, blessed and full of gratitude”  
“But it is not like there is nothing along the way that happened I have had experience which I am angst about and when the time is right, I will express it with a beat and it will be very hard. There are some people out there who had it coming. Just giving you a heads up”.

After the successful Gully Boy, actor Ranveer Singh is prepping for his role in sports drama 83 and period drama Takth.

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