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Kesari Movie Review : Akshay Kumar delivers a Courageous Holi blockbuster

Thinking that Kesari is just another Bollywood movie about war picked from history which will be kinda derivative and uninteresting then you are wrong. Director Anurag Singh made sure he crafts faced paced riveting war drama that not just focuses on war scenes and Sikh valor but goes beyond that. Anurag, who is also the writer of the film deserves a round of applause for mixing fact and fiction with flair. Kesari opens with a narration giving a gist about the Indian history and how Akshay is stationed currently at Gulistan fort amidst the British Raj. His efforts to save a woman from killing her fellow Afghani leads to his transfer to Saragarhi fort where hardly any skirmish takes place.

Parineeti Chopra who plays Kumar’s wife makes appearances whenever Kumar visualizes about her and a flashback narrative gives a gist about his personal life.

Talking of the performances, Akshay Kumar not only leads the pack of 36th Sikh jawans but also performance wise shows us why he is at the top of his game. He gives a scintillating and earnest performance that doesn’t miss a beat. The movie completely belongs to him.

In a brief nutshell, the movie is engrossing, largely well-woven narrative and Akshay as a super valiant Sikh soldier will leave a lasting impression. If you are curious about the battle and enjoy war dramas then go ahead and witness the lesser known but significant slice of history. After all, there is no harm in diving yourself with the colour ‘Kesari’ this Holi!

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