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The Accidental Prime Minister Movie Review : biased and over dramatic movie

Filmmaker Vijay Ratnakar Gutte’s film is based on Sanjaya Baru was media advisor to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh from 2004 to 2008. He later wrote a memoir about this stint called The Accidental Prime Minister.

The Accidental Prime Minister film is a dramatic and propaganda movie, it is created for the specific and one-sided reasons and purpose of making the former prime minister look weak, spineless man, can’t do anything without others help and a puppet which spines were controlled by The Family. Sonia Gandhi, Rahul, Priyanka are shown as the real decision making people. The film highlights and underlines that Singh was honorable, polite and personally was not a corrupt man, but he was biased and did not look at his own party’s corruption.

This is an overdramatic and propaganda so evidently that sometimes we feel the movie is made by the ruling party. Anupam Kher is a BJP ideologue and he is married to a party MP Kiran Kher.

Anupam Kher is brilliant in this movie. He played the role beautifully. Other supporting actors did there job well.

The film looked real at times and the dialogues are true to the narrative of the film.

You can watch it with family. It is a one time watch.

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