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10 Things That Make First Rains Most Awesome Time

What’s the 1st thing that comes to your mind when you see 1st rain?? For me, few memories of First rain are so wonderful that they never skip my mind, no matter where I am. Here are some 10 things which you explore in the first rain.


1. What 1st comes to my mind, is the smell and sound of raindrops. When they touch the ground, the fragrance of earth released is so good which can’t be explained in words. What we say, Petrichor. That amazing smell of mud, when it rains, steals my heart.

2. The sky looks cloudy as lots of white, grey and dark black clouds run. The sound of rain on my house roofs and raindrops on my face excite me.

Paper boats

3. We can see kids playing in 1st rain by splashing water on one another some make paper boats running to and fro making joyful noise followed by rain dance. That scene of kids playing in rains reminds each one of us our childhood memory of playing in rains. That day even parents don’t say No to kids if they want to play in Rains.


4. Youth, couples even elderly people go for a walk when it Rains. I still remember my grandmother raised us with different stories on rains that used to excite us more. Couples enjoy most during rains as they get a reason to walk closer.

5. Rain calls off for shopping of umbrellas, raincoats, rainy shoes. I am quite sure you may remember poems and songs on Rains.


6. During our childhood, we used to pray for heavy rains so that we get holidays in school. Even today kids wish to get heavy rains for sake of holiday and play in rains. Even if we get ill and had to take medicines after getting drenched in rains, we are still eager to experience that amazing moment.


7. Monsoon is the season where we get food cravings for delicacies and mostly munched snacks are Garma Garam Chai with Bhajias, Samosa, Bhuta, Vada Pav, Sabudana Vada, Bhel and many more. I am sure this made your mouth watering too.

Long Drive

8. Long drive with our loved ones especially on Motorbikes is my favourite venture during rains.

9. The environment becomes cool, clear and so clean because of the fresh air and rainy water. Summer dried up all ponds, rivers and streams but rains fill them back. It returns greenery to the gardens and lawns.

Heavy Rains

10. Farmers are the ones who desperately wait for the rains. Rainwater helps them for the cultivation of crops.

Besides all these, there are several reasons which made rainy season the best time to cherish. Though sometimes, rains become the reason for destruction as well but when Rains starts, it makes complete environment fresh and happy including birds and animals, trees and plants and before all those it’s me.


People love to drive to few most beautiful places in rainy season around their cities for enjoying the most pleasant weather.

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