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Journey From Transgender To A Brand Ambassador

Today I am going to talk about transgender in India. There are many people in this India who
are transgender and living in this country. The people always treat transgender as they are
not a part of society. And they are always being neglected and many funny and bad
comments are being passed through them while they come near you. And transgender is
also suffering this problem daily. There are many transgender who wants to take part in
each activity which is taking part in the day to day activity. But the citizen of this is not
allowing them to take part in this because they are transgender and different from others.
And they were not getting a job anywhere because they are transgender.

So today I am going to talk about one transgender who fought for transgender is Gauri
Sawant. Gauri Sawant was from a Maharashtrian family. Her father was in the police
department in Maharashtra. She was living in Pune. And her mother died when she was 9
years old. When she was in school she was not playing with boys because she was not
feeling comfortable with them. And she was always feeling comfortable with girls because
she thinks that she is a girl. And at the age of 18, her father told her to leave the house. And
she left the house and came to Mumbai.

When she reaches Mumbai she was feeling lonely
at the railway station because there was everything new for her and that time she meets a
friend Champa and she asks Gauri are you a transgender and she told yes I am, then Gauri
came to Champa home and start living with her. Then she started to Rome here and there
as each and every transgender does at the traffic signal. Then she realizes that we should do
something for transgender and she started a trust Sakshi Char Chowhi in 2000. This NGO
helps sex worker and transgender peoples. And that time she got to know that transgender
is not getting equal rights because they are transgender. Then in 2014, Gauri Sawant

became the first transgender person to file the petition in Supreme Court Of India for
adopting transgender peoples. And she was also a petitioner in the National Legal Service
Authority (NLSA). And the Supreme Court recognized transgender as the third person. Gauri
Sawant was too happy because she has won the fight and she always thanks to the Supreme
Court for giving her new life. And now everywhere there is mentioned the third column as
the third gender everywhere. And Gauri Sawant has also adopted one girl her name is
Gayatri in 2008 after Gayatri mother died because of AIDS. And she adopts Gayatri because
her mother died when she was 4 years old and no one was there to take care of her and she
was thinking leaving her alone is dangerous and she will be sold in the sex-trafficking
industry. And she is giving the best education to her to achieve her dream. In 2017 Gauri
Sawant was featured in Vicks Ad. And in that, they have given us the message that “ Touch
Of Care” and the story was all about Gauri Sawant and her daughter Gayatri. And because
she been the best person and popular. So the Election Commission in Maharashtra declared
Gauri Sawant as Ambassodar.

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