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Working Women And Housewife

Working women and housewife

Women’s are always strong, whatever she doing, being a mother, working lady or a sister. She goes through the always from a struggle. Working women or housewife both have a power that they take care of their family.

Working women: in our country women for working women give more important, from childhood
everyone tech us that if you want to settle that means you have to get married and for men, we teach them that you have you earn money for your family. So the definition is different, of being settled and because of childhood, we have that mindset of different importance. And then when you start working you get struggling in all mood, situation. All the time she has to prove that she is serious about her job because we people don’t take as serious as men job. That way every single moment women gives more important to her career. For working women, she has to handle both works, take care of her children, family, husband. Special things about women that they can do multitasking very easily, which is men’s cannot.

Housewife: Both have equal contributions towards their family. A house-wife can take care of her children. We things housewife don’t have any work at home. But if you have a children even housewife has to do more work as working women. She takes care of her family. Her children when they are sick. If we things working women have more important than housewife than look at your mom, she’s doing well, if your mom is working women, you feel you get less love? She can’t take care of you when you’re sick? Or your mom is the housewife, you don’t respect her?? How she cares of you and love you.

What we can do, she doesn’t want anything from us, just talk to her, she just needs to love nothing else.
In Marathi Mother means, आई, आ म्हणजे आत्मा(soul), आणि ई म्हणजे ईशवर(God).

Both have equal contributions towards their family. I really salute the working woman as well as the house-wife.
Tell me your opinions about working women and Housewife.

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