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Laksh-Laksh Deep Festival celebrated grandly by lighting 1,50,000 Diyas

Author: Kiran Parab
| Updated: 2018-10-30 12:00:50


Swami Gagangiri Maharaj is one of the most followed and worshiped saint in Maharashtra. Swamiji is known to be a great saint as he is one of the jaltapaswi who meditate in water. Swamiji is honored with the esteemed Vishwa Gaurav Puraskar which was once honored to Swami Vivekanand for his approach towards World Peace and Humanity. Swamiji’s 25 years old Manori Aashram is located in Malad area of Mumbai, India.

Nishad Amrutrao Patankar has organised the entire event. His mission and his vision is ‘ vishwa shanti’ and ‘manav kalyan’. This event is co- ordinated by Mr sanjay vilas Narvekar. In 2016 Laksha Laksha deepotsav 2016 kojagiri pournima was under the guidance of Late  Amrutrao Patankar.

Aashram celebrates Laksh Laksh Deep Festival since 18 years starting from Dussehra to Kojagiri. This is one of the biggest festival celebrated here. This most prestigious festival laksh laksh deep is been celebrated only by lighting lakhs of diyas and candles for world peace and philanthropy. Significance of this festival lies in spreading the message of peace, humanity and helping the needy people.

People from around the world come here to worship and celebrate the laksh laksh deep festival and with integrity towards humanity and peace in the world. They also pray to the Almighty Goddess to fulfill their wishes. 

Festival is celebrated with procession, camp and lots of food is served. People enjoy all these rituals but the most important part of this auspicious festival lies in lighting Lacs of Candles (Diyas).

More than 1,50,000 diyas and candles were lightened during the festival this year. This festival is been recorded at the Limca Book of Records, World Record India and also in the Guinness Book of World Record.

To watch this grand festival and become part of it thousands of followers, both Indians and foreigners visit here.