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Suman Singh – Celebrity Makeup Artist

Suman Singh

Q. About you.
A. I am a passionate celebrity makeup artist and a strong believer who has God as her support system.

Q. Struggle & Success story.
A. Being a girl from a Rajput family, my struggle started from where my roots are, but my passion of becoming an independent made me took my two bags and leaves my Rajasthan’s house. I had nowhere to live and no known to guide at that moment. My God directed me and I somehow managed to work for two years in the salon.
Then I decided to become a freelance makeup artist for growth. But because of my financial condition, I could not learn more to fine my skills. Thanks to YouTube. It made me learn and pushed further. Industry made me learn to work hard for a small amount. Meanwhile, I used to do a lot of homework every day keeping only makeup in my mind. Then I started to buy products through my savings from small earnings. Many makeup artists rejected me to assist them, but thanks to them. It put a great impact on my mind and I started finding the contacts from Google and promoting myself on social media. My hard work paid me and my clients started referring me. I also don’t know how by the grace of God I gradually came where I am today.
Be passionate and work hard day and night. Give your time and sweat. Dream big and don’t let anyone put you down. If you will not give up, God is mighty enough to make your ways.
And yes, if you have dreams, start making goals too.
Apart from being a makeup artist I am also a software engineer.

Q. What made you choose this profession?
A. I think I am made for this profession. In my childhood, I was fond of drawing to make a paper beautiful. Later I started loving the work of making people beautiful through makeup.

Q. Who is the role model in your life?
Jesus. I find his life very interesting and motivational. Bible inspires me a lot

Q.  What do you like most in your work profession.

A. I love to do eye makeup? I love colors and working around them. Colors and creative side of my profession is what keeps me stick to it

Q. What Make-up tips you will suggest on an instant basis?
A.  I will share here what I do when I need to go out on an instant basis. I firstly use a primer from Makeup studio and then concealer or compact of MAC to my skin. Then comes my favorite part, the heavy mascara of Maybelline Volume Express for enhancing my eyes. I define my face with powder cake base contour from Inglot and give the final touch with a blush and lipstick of either Colorbar or Mac. I rarely use dark brown color because it makes the face tone dull.