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Raina Khatri Tandon – An International Educator, Transformational Coach, Speaker and Corporate Trainer

Raina believes “YOU are the Leader of Your Life, Take Charge and that’s the ingredient for Happiness”. This secret key and her Positive energy creates the magical self-awareness and amazes how transformation happens so effortlessly.

Q. What is your professional background and what exactly you are in to?

A. Having Pursued Masters from U.K. in Chip Engg. (VLSI ), MY profound knowledge and personality blend with an indomitable nature to design lives of others. I always wished to creatively and smoothly motivate people to their Path for Success. I specialize in intensive Leadership training which provides participants with the ideas of improvisation and “true purpose at every step of their life “, personally and professionally through training.

Some topics I train include :

1.Re-LIVE your Relationship – Relationships Mastery Workshop

2. Transformational Leadership and theme Teambuilding Session

3.The UNIQUE U !- Your Strengths Your Power

4.How to be A SUPER Woman Brand

5.Anger and Stress Management, Money Relationship Code

6.Women Empowerment Workshops

Q. Can you take us through your journey?

A. I am a certified corporate trainer and a career coach. My Educational counselling journey has been about 13 years involving a variety of roles from an Engineer to a Business Development Manager, Immigration Authority at U.K. and Canada and Student Counsellor who evolved as a Mentor and Preprimary Coordinator, Freelancing Consultant and power pack Trainer Now and an all-rounder whom people find efficient and effective to connect unbelievably.

Q. Besides an Entrepreneur and Trainer, what are your other interests?

A. I am a passionate Zumba enthusiast, I love dancing and singing too. I feel Music is the Answer to all problems and A channel to let emotions flow and feel you, yourself !! I also love to be called as an archaic artist and I try to connect my emotional flow in my paintings to add flavour and vibrancy in my life and others making it purposeful and realistic!

Q. What do you think is your biggest achievement?

A. I tried to touch and modify positively lives of lots of fantastic people over 5000 over the globe and helped them to improve their lives, get unstuck and move forward and support their desire to improve life. I also feel proud of conducting Women empowerment & Personality Enhancement programs at NGO s and schools and associations.

Q. Do you find yourself to be A Woman of Substance?

A. I believe I am A Woman of Substance because I am Beautiful inside out and the vivacious attitude brings out the best in others when they are around me! I am an Explorer, a learner for life and a fun bomb and trusts if each moment we take as a novice of knowledge poured into us then nothing stops u from being the most convivial Person.

I could be as hard as cookie, independent, Strong to withstand challenges and bold to pick challenges and the power in me to multitask but at the end of the day … I am that still that little cool dude and cheeky Raina from inside who loves to sing and dance all the time, imitate and rock along with companions everywhere and keep the “Bachha alive and kicking in Me “

Q. What is that one piece of advice to all the women reading your interview as a Trainer?

A. ‘Being Happy is the easiest thing if we let go of the little things and focus on the bigger picture, Only The Essential – The GOAL’. Women are super beautiful, deep, tough and powerful and in her True Essence, She is the BEST GIFT TO THE WORLD!

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